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[TRANS] Hayato’s Blog Update (June 16/17)

16 June 2012
 The basis of my faith for the three of them will never shake
For me, meeting the three of them isn’t something I should say now
Furthermore, as in my post last year dated March 3rd, please read the “The first son, Jaejoong…The middle son, Yoochun… The youngest, Junsu”
That is my impression of them when I first met them
That time, the camera hasn’t started filming…basically, what you saw in the video of the three and the natural (behind the scene) three has no difference
The usual three
I wrote that the three of them looks like puppies playing around

Whenever I see them, they are exactly like that
The three of them, keep on protecting their relationship that is keen to brothers, continue to respect each other…it was obvious even just looking at their tweets.
That’s why, whatever vicious rumors that are passing around, I believe in them…It’s a ridiculous rumor so even looking at it, it was silly.
17 June 2012
 Jakarta Concert-Report 1
Today, I have to finish at 5!!! Because I’m going to the concert!!!
saying so was me who put pressure on my client *laugh*
6.20pm…annoyed…it seems like it’s finishing but not yet…even the chartered car has already came…
“And then, can I add another thing” the client who unapologetically placing an order…In my heart was saying “shouldn’t you get going at 6.30 or you’ll miss your return flight!!!!”… “Of course it’s okay” I hate myself who could reply with a laugh.
Then, it ended at 6.45pm
Immediately shaking hands with everyone, I ran out…I even left the client *laugh*
”Hurry!!! No, just fly!!!”
After withstanding the traffic, I arrived at around 7.40pm
When I took the elevator, I was asked to get off at 6TH floor even when it’s suppose to be 8TH floor…and a lot of fans are drinking/eating while waiting
Finally reaching 8TH floor, everyone is relaxing? It hasn’t started
This is my ticket
…when I entered the venue, only 2/3 of the seats are filled…and everyone is relaxingly coming in to gather
This is Indonesia
But…Fans are the same, huh?… seriously, wearing hair bands with Junsu written on it…whatever it is, planning events on their way to the concert (I got an explanation, but I didn’t know if it was done or not)… The atmosphere was the same like the concerts held in Seoul or Japan
I bought the penlight when someone came to sell it at my seat. It was JPY200… but… the one hanging from his neck is shocking pink, but it was only this!!! *laugh*
MV was played…Instantly the voltage went up…This is the same as Seoul…When girl-Junsu was on screen, the scream got louder, this is also the same
That’s right~! The horoscope was true! Today is a good day…Even when I was late for 45 minutes; I could watch the concert from the start!!!
The start was the same as Seoul, it started from underwater Junsu
Junsu appeared!!! Hn? Blue? I don’t really know… I don’t really know if it is because of the lightings that his hair color looked blue
But, it was beautiful…It feels like it changed into 7 colors
After singing 2~3 songs, he changed to the white outfit and did the MC…Even with the insertion of the interpreter, there were loud cheers from the fan when he talked in Bahasa Indonesia… Whatever it is, the cheers were great when he was talking
Then, of course, Indonesian fans also requested for ‘that’…Angel Xia…This, is probably the cutest ever!!! *laugh*
And then sexy dance
Everyone, knows about this well, I’m impressed
Saying so, in 3V2 interview, he said that he was looking forward to Jakarta…Since it’ll be the first country, but sadly the concert was cancelled (JYJ Worldwide Tour)
But, fans had been waiting since that time, right…Because they were all singing along…Oh! Great! They all remembered!
Erm, the sexy touching with the dancer…it’s not the usual American dancers…maybe Korean dancers? It was superbly lively
If you watch it, you’ll definitely swoon *laugh*
In the midst of it, there’s also JYJ call…Kim Junsu call…Saranghae…Even out of the country, it is still the same
And then, TARANTALLEGRA…Powerful impact!!! It’s enchanting
I think there’s several arrangements that was amiss
The song ended when he was sitting on the chair… And the next performance didn’t start… it was quite long… I couldn’t help it and stood up, but we were made to wait
At the end, the curtain was drawn and it was suppose to be the encore… even this took some time to start… eh? It’s the end already? And we were made to wait again, but the music started with Mission
Getting excited again! Plus, everyone sang along to the song…Seriously awesome
In the end, the curtain was drawn once more and I thought it was the end (plus the exit door was opened), he came out again and sang Fallen Leaves
Of course, he has to sing this one
Wow~ I’m totally satisfied
Being able to see Junsu (and of course, JYJ too) being loved just like in Korea and Japan, here in Jakarta, is really the best.
The loud ‘kyaaa~’ is also the same *laugh*
Then, I’ve wrote it down till here in one shot, what do you think?
Oh and then I saw someone I knew from C-Jes so I went to greet him, since the concert has started, after a while people who were taking pictures were scolded by the person in charge
I guess they didn’t know…that we can’t take pictures *laugh*
Source: Hayato’s Blog 12
Translation Credit: Helly of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3 + Toxic Xiah

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