martes, 19 de junio de 2012

[Project] XIArantallegra in Spain

We want to see Junsu dancing Tarantallegra in Spain so we are planning to do a project.

It´s really easy so there´s no excuse. It consists on taking a photo with the following sentence written:

XIArantallegra in Spain

It can be the way you want, let your imagination run wild! 

We are spanish so that´s why it´s "XIArantallegra in Spain". If you know a country doing a similar project let us know. We will participate for sure! ^^

Once you have the photo, send it to saying your name and city. If you are not from Spain, don´t worry! You are welcome!! 

Deadline: June 28th (so that we have time to edit the video and send it to Junsu before the Asia Tour ends)

We know it's very unlikely that he'll come, but it's worth trying.above all, it will be a nice gift ^^ 

Thank you!

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