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[NEWS+VIDEO] 120519 Junsu’s solo album on Chinese news

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JYJ’s Junsu releases solo album: Showing tight abs
(Tarantallegra lyrics in Chinese on screen)
Revealing one little red bean (T/N: cute way to say nipples) and tight abs, Junsu goes all the way out for his solo album. On the day before yesterday (16th), he announced the release of his first ever solo album.

Junsu: 80% of the songs in this album are composed by myself so this album shows completely what I want and what I think.

Not only does he release a solo album, he also plans to hold solo concerts without his two fellow members.

Junsu: Besides a solo album, I’ll be holding the first concert tour. I will bring you the best performances in the concerts.

JYJ’s Junsu announced on the 16th that he’d release his solo album. He reveals his little red beans and tight abs in the music video. He explains that revealing his abs was not his original intention. However it was too hot during the filming, he unzipped his jacket and the director considered that effective. He also explained that 80% of the album was his own composition. He’ll also hold more solo concerts in the near future.

Credit: Appledaily
Translated By: mandragore of JYJ3
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